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Type / Variety

  • St Brigid
    • The Governor – Scarlet
    • The Admiral – Lilac
    • Lord Lieutenant – Blue
  • De Caen
    • His Excellency – Scarlet
    • Sylphide – Lilac
    • The Bride - white
  • Blanda
    • Blue, Pink, White

Cultural Requirements

  • Sunny
  • Well drained, moderately rich soil
  • Improve soils with Organic Compost
  • Bulb food or general garden fertiliser should be added when preparing soil
  • Liquid fertiliser such as Yates Thrive or Nitrosol should be applied as growth appears, and when coming into flower
  • Plant tubers 15-30cm apart, 5cm deep
  • Can be grown in pots, containers – use Potting Mix or a Tub and Barrel Mix
  • Plant Feb, March, April to ensure succession of blooms over several months

Pests & Diseases

  • Rust
  • Damping off
  • Soil fungus diseases –rots

Pest & Disease Control

  • Rust – Greenguard, Shield,
  • Damping off / Rot – Do not overwater, make sure soil is free draining, use Greenguard

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