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Enjoy the sights and sounds of wild birds

There's something special about seeing your own backyard brimming with bird life. The sights and sounds are soothing and it becomes very easy to form a connection with our feathery friends. Kids love them too. And it can develop an interest in the outdoors, which is a lesson worth learning. There's also a wonderful feel good factor that comes with feeding and helping wild birds, specially over this Winter period.

How do I attract birds to my garden?

The first thing to do is to provide a safe feeding area.. Position it away from windows so birds don't fly into them and away from places where cats can pounce on it. The birds will keep returning to your backyard if you keep feeding them tasty, nutritious food.

Having a birdbath is also a good idea. Birds will drop in to bathe or just for a drink. However the water should be cleaned regularly as it can become contaminated with droppings.

Also be wary of pests, particularly rats or stoats, setting a trap for these pests will make your garden a true sanctuary.

Did you know?

  • Different food attracts different species of birds. For example, seeds attract birds such as sparrows, chaffinch and goldfinch. Cut up fresh fruit such as apple, pear and orange attracts silver-eye, bellbird and tui.
  • Hanging up a bone that's left over from a Sunday roast is a good way to give birds a high source of protein.
  • Feeding birds to much bread can fill them up without providing them the proteins and fats they need. Birds that live off bread can suffer from malnutrition.


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